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About Ashtanga Yoga and “Mysore Style” Classes:

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally and most effectively learned in the individualized setting of Mysore style classes. In our Mysore classes you will be taught the series in a thorough precise manner, one-by-one under the guidance of one of our teachers.
We highly recommend a minimum 3x / week commitment in order to gain the full benefits of the ashtanga yoga practice, develop a relationship with the teacher, and to better suit your specific needs. Ideally, ashtanga yoga should be practiced 6 days each week.
After taking an Introductory workshop, Mysore classes are the starting point for your journey.  Starting out, you can expect your practice to be approximately one hour, however this varies from student to student.  If you only have thirty or ten minutes, you can still come!  Just tell the teacher when you start your practice.  Consistency is the most important part of the practice.
After attending your introductory course, the best classes to attend for new ashtanga students are the “Mysore” style classes.  In this setting, you will be guided individually through the poses.  Once you have experience your teacher will let you know when you can attend the led classes.

How to Start:

  • Join one of our Introductory workshops.  Just visit our workshop page and look at our Introductory Courses.  You can register via pay pal.  You will receive a confirmation of your attendance in the course.  After taking the course,  you will be able to attend any of our “Mysore” style classes comfortably!
  • The teacher will tell you when you are ready for our led counted classes held on Fridays or Saturdays.
  • Ideally Mysore practice makes up the majority of your yoga practices each week.
  • The most important part of beginning a practice is to be consistent and regular. A shorter daily practice is better than skipping practice. If you have less time for practice some days, just tell the teacher before you begin your practice.

What to bring:
Please bring a yoga mat, towel and wear comfortable clothing. We accept cheque or cash. We recommend drinking water 30 minutes after practice and/or one hour before.  We currently do not have shower facilities at this time.

What Pass do I buy?
We have a one month unlimited “introductory” pass for Vancouver residents. This pass can be used once for new students.  You can use this pass after you have completed your introductory workshop.
We also have “Drop In” options if you prefer. For more information on class cards and pricing, see our prices page.

Is there anything else I should know?
After your introductory course, you have enough experience to come to our “Mysore Style” Classes. You do not need to be flexible. Just choose your preferred start time and let your teacher know at the introductory course when you would like to practice.

We do offer introductory workshops every month. These workshops are the ideal place to start the learning process. Please see the introductory course listings to see our current listing of Introductory Workshops.

The benefits of the ashtanga practice are most potent when one practices regularly over an extended period of time. As Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois says, “Take Practice and All is Coming.”

We look forward to meeting you soon!

‘Tis the season…for giving!

img_1671Treat your friend or loved one to the gift of yoga…the gift of peace for the new year.

Gift Certificates are available for giving.

Please note that Gift Certificates must be validated before December 31, 2017.
For Introductory Workshop Gift Certificate, participant can choose the Saturday Workshop they would like to attend.  Dates are listed under “Workshops” on our website.
10 Class Passes are Valid for two month once the pass has been started.
Please note that there are NO EXTENSIONS once a pass has been started.

Happy Holidays from Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver!


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