Mysore Workshop in Whistler – August 9-13

Repetition and daily practice are the key. Join Fiona Stang for 5 Mysore style ashtanga classes. In the Mysore style setting, Fiona works individually with students, tailoring the practice to their own personal needs.

Ashtanga Yoga is a breath focused practice where we link breath with movement creating a moving meditation. The practice is healing, therapeutic and balances the body and mind. In the Mysore practice, a relationship is formed between the teacher and student creating a learning for the body, mind and spirit.

Please email Fiona to register:

Whistler Racket Club
4500 Northlands Blvd
Whistler, BC

For more information email: or call 604 307 2644

Date: Wed Aug 9- Sun Aug 13
Cost: $120
Drop in:$35
Time: 6:15–8 AM
This is a rare opportunity to study in an small setting with Fiona Stang.
Practitioners must have attended an Introductory ashtanga workshop or have an established ashtanga practice.

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