Yoga Stops Traffic – Support Odanadi Wednesday 23rd May!

Please join us Wednesday, May 23rd to practice 108 Sun salutations in support of Odanadi!

Led classes will be at 6am, 8am and 5pm.

How to Get Involved to help Odanadi!

  1. Visit:
  • Register and pay your suggested donation of $20
  1. Sign up at the Studio for your preferred start time:
  • 6 am
  • 8 am
  • 5 pm
  1. Collect Sponsors.  Take one of the pledge forms from the studio and see if you can raise $108!
  1. Show up on May 23rd and enjoy the meditative flow of 108 sun salutes.  Modifications are fine.  You can form a team.  You can sit and meditate through any portion.

See you on the mat!!!

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