Classes start at our NEW LOCATION March 1!

It is time for a new era for Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver!

Our last class at 2515 Burrard Street is Thursday PM Mysore 5-730PM.

Please come and collect your mat by Thursday.  We really appreciate it.

Our new location is nearby at Hemlock Station!
1385 West 6th Avenue (signage will say: Tanning salon)

FRIDAY MARCH 1 – First classes are our new space!
5:30 AM Chanting – First chanting in the new space.  No experience required!!!!
6:00 AM First Led Primary Counted Class!
5:30 PM First Led PM Primary Counted Class!

Hemlock Station:
We are so excited to share Hemlock Station with you!  This is a nice little complex located between 4th and 6th off of Hemlock.  Inspiration Furniture is diagonal and east of our complex.  We are located next to the dry cleaner and below Klondike Construction.  The current signage is for a Tanning Salon.
Our new space is beautiful with high ceilings and white walls and slightly larger than our current space.  In the upcoming weeks after we open, you will see storage closets built into the studio. For the first few weeks we will be “roughing” it a bit as the organization system comes into place.  Please bear with us as we integrate into our new space.  We have unable to access the space until the permitting process is complete so the interior work for storage will take place after we have moved in.  We appreciate your patience.

For very early morning folk (before 830am), there is parking at the complex as well as street parking on 6th and Hemlock.
For the PM folk, we recommend street parking.  If your practice is longer than one hour during retail hours, take advantage of the street parking as parking at the complex is one hour maximum.  Street parking is located on 6th just east of Hemlock as well as on 7th near the cafe.  Check signage for restrictions after 3pm but there is also parking on Hemlock as well.
There is a one hour maximum for parking on site during office hours.


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