Our Teachers

first journeyed to Mysore in 1999 where she met her teacher Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson, Sharath Jois. Fiona continued to study with Guruji  and Sharath to receive their teachings of devotion, grace, faith, compassion, patience, and yoga. In 2000, Fiona was authorized to teach by Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, and in July 2009, she was in the first group of 40 students worldwide to receive Level 2 Authorization from KPJAYI.

She is blessed by KPJAYI to teach the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Fiona has been inspired by many ashtanga teachers throughout the years.  She has studied under John Scott, David Swenson, and Tim Miller.  All these teachers have greatly influenced her understanding and teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. Fiona is grateful for the community of teachers at AYV that support her practice and keep her teaching fresh and innovative. Without Guruji, none of this would be possible. Thank you Guruji.



IMG_5BA704B896B6-2IMG_5BA704B896B6-1FELICE LEE first encountered Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India in 2009 while travelling in India.  With a curious mind and zero Ashtanga experience, she found herself at the doorstep of KPJAYI.  Discovering the meditative qualities of the practice, its ability to steady the mind and connect to the breath, Felice developed a deep appreciation for the Ashtanga method.  Felice is grateful for her first teacher, Saraswati Jois, for introducing her to the practice and for planting the seeds of her yoga journey.

Felice draws inspiration from the community of teachers and students at AYV and is thankful for their support, knowledge, and dedication.  She hopes to share the healing qualities of yoga and continues to learn under the guidance of Fiona Stang.  Outside of yoga, Felice enjoys growing vegetables in her micro farm.



Photo_2BRITTANY MORGAN spent 10 years experimenting with body movement as a dancer/acrobat. Always intrigued by kinesthesis disciplines, she began practicing and studying yoga in 2010. Brittany quickly acquired a yoga mentor that introduced her to the Ashtanga method. It was through this discipline that she began to discover the deep connection between breath, body and mind and the many ways in which they interdepend on one another to help “oneself” reach their true Yoga potential.

In 2013 Brittany travelled to Europe to participate in Lucyand John Scott’s teacher training program. She is currently practicing and apprenticing under the direction of Fiona Stang and Tanya Salas. Her teachers and the community of people at AYV are a source of constant inspiration. She is thankful for their dedication, support, wisdom and openness. She hopes to show gratitude by sharing her experiences with all who would like to listen.



MARIA WHITTAKER is KPJAYI Authorized Level I and teaches the Ashtanga method according to the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Institute. She’s travelled annually since 2014 to study in Mysore, India.  She plans to continue to deepen her study under the guidance of her teacher/KPJAYI Director, Sharath Jois. In 2012 she participated in an intensive study with David Swenson and Authorized Level 2 teacher Jeff Litchy and Certified Teacher Harmony Litchy. Upon successfully completing this program she received her RYT-200.  Soon after, she continued living and travelling throughout Central America and Mexico.  Apart from her love of travel, she studied food and nutrition at the University of British Columbia and has been pursuing her interest in Ayurvedic nutrition during her time in India.

Maria feels most at home at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver and feels blessed to learn as both student and teacher under the guidance of Fiona Stang.  She draws inspiration from the community of practitioners among her and you can oftentimes find her smiling and laughing outside of the Shala.



Photo 2PhotoNATALIA CORREA is an Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga yoga teacher, from KPJAYI, India.  Certified Holistic Nutritionalist with a Diploma in Herbal Pharmacology from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Canada.  She is fascinated by the healing properties of yoga and herbs.

Natalia’s holistic journey began in 2010 with her first trip to India when she discovered yoga as a holistic practice.  Devotion to the practice brought awareness towards her old unhealthy patterns and enabled her to look deeper for a different approach to life.  This began her studies in yoga, holistic nutrition and the underlying causes of those old patterns.  She travels to India regularly to study with her teacher, Sharath Jois and shows her devotion to the lineage by daily practice and by teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver and recently in Squamish, B.C. Heading to Squamish, BC. practice Ashtanga w Natalia.  Visit her website: http://www.nataliacorrea.cl/

She will be always grateful to her teachers.



IMG_5761IMG_5762SARAH KOZLOWSKI  was taught yoga and meditation as a child to help relieve her anxiety disorder. With a desire to share how yoga helped her mental health, Sarah completed a 200hr teacher training program with Karma Teachers.

Sarah was first introduced to ashtanga yoga by Fiona Stang of Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver. She had the honour of studying with R. Sharath Jois in in 2016. She plans to continue to study with Sharath Jois.

Sarah guides students to use asana as a tool to cultivate a stable body, and a steady mind. She is currently apprenticing with Fiona Stang at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver.

Sarah loves to travel and find new forms of creative expression. She is feels fortunate to learn under the guidance of Fiona Stang.


was always curious about yoga and practiced various styles along her dancing career. However, it was not until 2010, when she really started practicing ashtanga, that she found what she had been looking for, a spiritual practice through movement.

What she witnessed in ashtangis’ commitment, devotion and self-inquiry inspired her to dive deeper into the practice and eventually led her in 2011 to do her teacher training in the Netherlands with Claudia Pradella and Janneke Verbur. Right after she started teaching in Amsterdam, deeply inspired and fully committed to sharing the practice with as many people as possible, convinced of its power to help anyone find peace of mind and re-establish contact with their soul.

Veronica is truly grateful to her mentor and teacher Claudia Pradella, to the beautiful teachers she has had the opportunity to closely learn from: Petri Raisanen, Lino Miele and Govinda Kai, to the opportunity of having travelled to Mysore in 2014 to practice with Sharat Jois, and specially to the lessons she has gained from each and every one of her students.

She moved to Vancouver in 2016. Blessed to meet and be embraced by AYV teachers and community, she looks forward to keep practicing under the guidance of Fiona Stang and to keep sharing her passion for ashtanga with the students. Through her teaching, she aims to inspire people to find a meaningful and fulfilling life journey.

Besides teaching yoga, Veronica has been blessed to travel the world using dance as a tool for healing, social transformation and inclusion and she has a career in the cooperation & development sector, where she has had the opportunity to support various causes in different countries.


IMG_5766IMG_5767ZANDER WINTHER found ashtanga yoga exactly when he needed it. Several years of working in homeless shelters and a variety of unhealthy daily habits had left him depleted and merely aiming to get through another day.  Yoga was initially part of a re-boot plan to “live without dead time” and after just one vinyasa class, he committed to a daily practice.  He developed a deep interest in Sri. Krishnamacharya, which led him to the unbroken parampara of the Ashtanga tradition where his practice really found its’ roots.

Today he is grateful to all the Ashtanga teachers who have guided him along the path including Laura Gotham-Huon at the Shala of Pittsburgh and the teachers of Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver, especially Maria Whittaker and Fiona Stang.

Zander is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered teacher, a certified Ayurvedic Yoga specialist through the National Ayurvvedic Medical Association and holds an MA in Philosophy.  You can read more about him at ZanderYoga.com.