Moon Days

Full and new moon days are observed as holidays in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition.2019 FULL & NEW MOON DAYS

New Moon     Saturday 5 January
Full Moon       Sunday 20 January
New Moon     Monday 4 February
Full Moon       Tuesday 19 February
New Moon     Wednesday 6 March
Full Moon       Wednesday 20 March
New Moon     Friday 5 April *
Full Moon       Friday 19 April *
New Moon     Saturday 4 May
Full Moon       Saturday 18 May
New Moon     Monday 3 June
Full Moon       Monday 17 June
New Moon     Tuesday 2 July
Full Moon       Tuesday 16 July
New Moon     Wednesday 31 July
Full Moon       Thursday 15 August
New Moon     Friday 30 August *
Full Moon       Friday 13 September*
New Moon     Saturday 28 September
Full Moon       Sunday 13 October
New Moon     Sunday 27 October
Full Moon       Tuesday 12 November
New Moon     Tuesday 26 November
Full Moon       Wednesday 11 December
New Moon     Wednesday 25 December

*Please note:  If a moon day falls on a Friday, Thursdays classes will be Led Primary Series at 6am and 5:30 pm.

**Chanting is every Friday morning at 530 AM.  No experience needed.